Gardening can be very therapeutic, maintaining your lawn and planting more flowers can relieve stress. Being able to get out and tend your wonderful garden is satisfying. Though you can always contact the short pump lawn care team near you to do the job but you can always maintain your lawn and do your own gardening.  
 Gardening Tools

Taking care of your lawn and doing your own gardening will require time and most especially the right tools. So, before you get excited and all preppy with gardening, you should also have the tools you need for you to achieve gardening and lawn care goals. Check out these gardening tool must haves will help you maintain and prepare your lawn or garden daily.  


Gardening gloves do keep dirt away from your hand and sticking inside your nails. Gardening gloves protect your hands from sharp objects and grass cuts. Whenever you get down dirty and do your gardening and lawn maintenance without any cuts or bruises. Plus, it protects you from burns to get from too much grip using tools and ripping out weeds.  


Clearing tools may look like weapons from sci-fi movies but they are a big help when it comes to cutting stems, removing grass from its roots and cutting branches. Clearing tools allows you to easily cut and remove the unnecessary grass and stems growing in your garden or lawn. 


Gardening is not complete without any digging action, and you can make digging easier if you get the right digging shovel. Digging shovel allows you to dig deep into the soil if in case you are digging for a big and deep hole to put new plants.  


If you are going to some flower trimming and cutting out small grass, you will need a pruner. A pruner allows you to cut small leaves, cut small branches and grass growing around your small plants. You can also use your pruners to cut small wood twigs.  


Garden rakes make lawn care easy. Leaves can be hard to remove especially if they already settled under your grass. Garden rake acts like a comb and collects dirt and leaves on your lawn. You can also easily level your soil using your garden rake or use it to dig our lines to plant your seeds.  


Part of garden and lawn maintenance is regularly freshening up your plants and grass with water. If you want to fully enjoy gardening and lawn care, you need to have a hose and sprayer. It is nice to sprinkle water and do it at your spare time. It can be very therapeutic, and you can do this regularly.  


A wheelbarrow is a gardener’s friend. A wheelbarrow makes it easier for you to get soil and carry them over anywhere. You can also put your plants or carry firewood from point A to B. Gardening tools and materials can be very heavy and a wheelbarrow can really come in handy to help you.