Having a home inspection can be a great deal to you as it can save you from wasting your investment in purchasing a house you think is worth it. You might have heard a lot of people opting for an independent professional home inspections that they hire for themselves to have some reviews and reports that are honest and as objective as they want.  

Generally, the house seller might provide you a home inspection report from a service they hired themselves, and although it is not implied that the results are not trustworthy, it is still better to have your own effort in assessing the house by hiring your own inspector and being there while the inspection is happening.  


If you are still new to the concept of a house inspection, we provide you the dos and don’ts of hiring a professional home inspection service.  

  1. Be present during the inspection

It is highly recommended that buyers are present whenever there is a house inspection going on. This is because of two reasons. First, you will be given adequate information, even those details that are not on the written report and you will have more understanding of how the house works. Second, you will have complete interaction with the inspector, and this will give you many opportunities to ask questions, advice, and recommendations from the expert himself.  

2.Let him do his job 

There is nothing more annoying than a client who always demands something he does not know. The person you hire is a professional who has years of training and experience. Stick with them and let them have their own pace s they do their job. Avoid heading off to other parts of the house and demand their presence in your location.  

3.Hire one even if the building is new 

Some homeowners think that inspections are ideal when the house is a resale. However, even if the house or the building his new and you are the first occupants to live there, it is still important to hire a professional inspection service to search for current problems and/or potential damage for the future. The professional home inspector evaluates differently than a county or municipal inspector as their job only involves identifying If the building or house complies with the building codes. 

4.Do not let them be liable to everything 

Before the inspection, the inspector will let you sign a waiver of liability. This means that they are not held liable to anything that might be overlooked during the inspection due to some restrictions of their authority to the house. Remember that they do not have the authority to open the walls and other parts of the house for inspection and that they could only check what they are allowed to access.  

Final thoughts 

When it comes to purchasing a resale or a new house, it is important to ascertain that you are investing properly. Hire a professional house inspector to identify current problems that are hidden in sight and/or potential issues that may arrive in the future. These all could give you headaches after having to purchase the house you thought is worth it.